Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Old WIP, New WIP

My oldest and now, only, WIP is the argyle pillow. I've been mulling over the decision: to felt, or not to felt. That is the question. And this picture shows why it really has to be felt. See those tight and sunken stitches. You just couldn't be happy propping yourself up on those, could you? So let the felting begin. For real, I've never felted before, so this piece is my experiment in argyle AND felting. Stay tuned to see the results :-)

I added another hat to the Innocent collection. Cute camo - the yarn is Jaeger Baby Merino, a single ball I bought ages ago. I magic looped this baby. LOVE the magic loop, love, love, love the magic loop.

With my WIPs disappearing over the past couple of weeks, I've been thinking about what I would like to knit next. When the Summer edition of Knitty came out I just LOVED the 'grow with me' pattern. So I bought some Rowan Denim while I was in England and have cast on to make it for my niece. Right now, it's a whole lot of stocking stitch. That's ok, I want some easy knits while I turn my attention back to TKGA's Masters Course.

Speaking of Rowan Denim, now I remember what it does to your fingers while you're knitting with it!

Last, but never least, we haven't had a cute picture of my most important wips in a while. I took this picture yesterday. Matt found these old Halloween costumes and insisted on wearing the Tigger costume. It's for an 18 month old, but he just about squeezed into it. Teddy on the other hand, wanted to wear the cow costume for a 12 month old!!! I swear there was no talking him out of it and the boy crushed himself in there. They wore these costumes through lunch, changed clothes for a short walk afterwards and as soon as we got home, they wanted to wear them again. They were in them ALL DAY!!!!


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Let the felting begin!!

OMG!! Those boys make me giggle!! I can just imagine them wanting to play in those outfits all day!! One reason NOT to get rid of Halloween outfits to quickly. Who says they'll outgrow them. That picture is priceless!

Jessica said...

Your kids are soo cute! They look like a lot of fun. I'm glad you're the kind of mom that lets them wear it instead of saying "it's not halloween" or "it's too small for you". :) You're a good mom! :)