Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Stuff.....

I popped into my LYS this morning after seeing a note in their window earlier in the week that sale yarn was 50%.

When I got there, a half hour after it opened for the first time this week, an employee told me that the store was closing and EVERYTHING was at least half off. (I could've also gotten eyelash for a dollar if I was so inclined.) Yes, the Malabrigo, yes the Rowan, yes the Regal Silk, yes the Royal Cashmere, yes yes yes yes yeeeeeeeesssssss!

Be still my frantically beating heart, but I couldn't buy it ALL, could I? Could I?

No, off course I couldn't. So here are the first two of my purchases. Only shown, because this is WIP Wednesday, and because I know what I want to make with them, they're like WIPs, right?

First up, 10 skeins of this delicious pale green Cotton Chenille by Crystal Palace Yarns. Bound to be a Log Cabin Blanket to brighten up my dark green sofa. Last year I knit a chenille throw for Hubbs' 40th birthday, so I know what I'm in for knitting with this yarn. Not the easiest, but I love the suedey feel of it knit up. And this colour is so soft. 3 of the skiens are a different dye lot, but I think that will add even more texture to the log cabin effect, even though it is all in one colour.

Next, is this wonderful, wonderful Mmmmmmmmalabrigo in Rich Chocolate. This is sooooo, soft and I love the colour. This is the colour nail polish I always want but can never find. It's going to be a Clapotis for me. I can't wait to cast it on and have the Mmmmmmalabrigo experience.

My MIL came home yesterday from visiting SIL in Canada. And look what she brought me back. My SIL has a LYS close to her called Urban Yarns and they saw this bag and thought of me. It is a Namaste Knitting Bag. My knitting world has been rocked from morning to night the past 24 hours and I love it.
In other WIP news. This afternoon I made a quick gauge swatch for the tank that Carrie sent me the yarn and pattern for. I just cast it on while I was waiting for these pics to upload. The yarn is warm and soft and delightful to work with. Thanks Carrie.
Also, a few days ago I felted the dreaded argyle pillow. Boy did it felt. I probably left it in too long, but hey-ho, what are first times for. I have to say, though, that I really like it. It went VERY rectangle. I'm going to close the top with wooden toggles. It will look cool when I'm finished with it. In about a million years.
I'm off to NYC tomorrow - a quick trip, I'll be back Saturday night. I intend to visit Purl Soho and The Point on Friday. I'll sit in the Point and have a coffee and knit. Can't wait. Of course, I'll be toting around my new Namaste bag and I will have Carrie's tank and maybe the beginnings of the Clapotis in it.


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Oh happy day!!! I've been eyeing the Namaste Messenger bags forever!! We so have the same taste!! I love it! Love the mmmmmmmalabrigo. Can't wait to see that knit up. Maybe it'll inspire me to dredge up my sleeping half knit clapotis :)

Have a fabulous time in New York!!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love, love, love that bag!

Jessica said...

Haha, I loved reading this post. So much fun! :) Congrats on the new knitting things that have entered your life. :) You'll love the mal (malabrigo). :) That bag is sweet.

Have fun in NY. I love that city! :)