Tuesday, September 4, 2007

GIFTS from Cali

Excuse the text at the top and then a load of pictures. I'm blogging on our Mac computer and can only get a load of code. I usually load pictures then drag them around. I don't know how to cut and paste to get them in the right order.

I received an amazing package of goodies in the mail today. Or I should say WE received an amazing package. My great knitty friend, Irishgirlie, sent treats for the boys and I. Pralines from New Orleans. I'd never had them before. SO sweet. Yum-o.

And a voodoo ring which you can see on my (hairy {ew}) toe in a picture below. We are debating whether it is a toe ring, or a pinky ring. Mine's definitely a toe-ring. It has to be - it matches my tattoo. :-)

Also enclosed for me was a new Barbie - I guess my blondie did look a bit lonely in her photoshoots, some really fresh scented soap and a cute 'knit happens' fridge magnet.

For the boys there were some Cars the Movie cars, plates and stickers, and art supplies, along with some New Orleans beads, which Matt took great delight in running round the house in all afternoon. The boys set to work with their art supplies immediately.

Thanks so much Carrie, you made the day for all of us today.

And tomorrow is our big day - the boys are starting school. I'll proudly post a picture tomorrow. :-) :-)

Artwork, woot woot!!!!!

Loads of lovely treats....
Matt and Mommy wearing their treats.....
Matt: "Why yes, I have been eating the markers, but looks at these awesome cars".
Gift overload. Gift overload. Gift overload.
Teddy: "look mommy, art supplies" (referring to the tissue paper).


IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Yippee!!! Happy last day before school!! I'm so glad the boys liked their swap...hehehehe!!! They are ready for mardi gras in the beads!!

Pralines!! Delish!! They are my favorite!!! Your toe ring looks fab-o Disco!!

Jessica said...

Aw, it's so awesome when the knitty friends involve the kids in the gift giving. They're probably like...who did this come from again? ;) Carrie is so sweet.