Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am destashing some yarns which I may not get round to knitting. They are listed on my Ravelry page. Guess what my ravelry name is? You got it - discoknits.

Any knitter reading this who's not on Ravelry yet (and I guess there are still some of us - there are over 7,000 still in the queue today), go sign up now. It's a great reference site, even if you don't decide to download your whole knitting life into it.

And why am I destashing, you ask? Well, I have some projects in mind to buy yarn for at Stitches West when I visit later this month. Including:
Provincial Waistcoat from IWK Winter 06 for my Mom (shh, don't tell)
A stole/wrap for Tommy's cousin, getting married in the summer (pattern to be determined)

OK, that's not a HUGE list, but it does require cash to pay for it. I have a bundle of cash sitting in my closet - it's just in the form of yarn.

On a side note, I added the link to the booties I made in the previous post - too cute and really fast to knit.

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IrishgirlieKnits said...

Good luck with the destashing!! I have to do a bit of that too before Stitches!!

Oh, and if you aren't already in it, there is a ISO and Destashing group in Ravelry that you can post to too!