Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The million dollar seam.....

Well, maybe not a million, but I paid a pretty penny for a "Design your own Socks" class at Stitches West last weekend.

It was a great class to really bed in the knowledge of traditional sock construction, but I was particularly excited about two things I learned in class. The first was a new magic cast on that is seamless and allows immediate knitting in the round. VERY exciting.

The second was a demonstration of Kitchener Stitch, which I've always been terrified of - I tried it once and it wasn't pretty. So a wonderful lady sitting next to me drew me a diagram/chart of the instructions which really made the penny drop. It goes a little like this......

top needle: 4. knit on 3. purl off

bottom needle: 2. purl on 1. knit off

The numbers relate to order of the steps. on and off are how these stitches should remain (on the needle, or off). Knit and purl, I think we all know :-)

So, I knit on my Linnea top all the Stitches weekend and have now completed one armhole and can now proudly show my grafted stitches at the top. Yay, me, yay, kitchener!!!!


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Awesome awesome kitchener!! We should have taken a pre-class kitchener picture :)

Miss you already Disco! Can't wait to see Linea all done!

cpurl17 said...


When I do it, I must silence the room and repeat the Kitchener mantra.

Kaye said...

What graft? I see no graft--it's that invisible! Good job!