Sunday, February 3, 2008

Family, friends and......knitting

Our family suffered another loss last week, as Tommy's Uncle Gene passed. Great Gene, as we called him, was Grandfather to our new baby Ethan. It has been a difficult time for the whole family.

The gatherings of families at the two funerals I've attended in the last couple of weeks has meant I have met relatives I didn't even know existed. Both my Nan and Great Gene had brothers I hadn't met before. Also, family member gathered for the first time in a long time. Too long, in the case of my family.

I am reminded at these times of how precious my own little family unit is and how much I should appreciate them. This week has seen my two boys becoming great friends. They have played together like never before - it is such a joy to see them enjoy each other's company :-)

Here are a couple of pics from this past week. They are dressed in their Diego t-shirts from the show we went to see last year. Teddy got himself dressed in his, then of course, Matt wanted to dress in his too. When he came out to the living room, they stood in front of the TV with arms around each other. I couldn't resist this photo opportunity.

Then they sat down to watch the rest of the show on the couch together. Another not-to-be-missed shot.
Last weekend saw the sad passing of a highly regarded knittyboarder, Momma-monkey. This brings to my mind my appreciation of my cyber-friends too.
Last year, I had the happy fortune to meet my good knitty buddy, Carrieknits on the Knittyboard. I think we can say we are firm friends now. I hope so anyway - I'm going to visit her at the end of the month so we can go to Stitches West together - my first knitting event and I can't wait :-)
Last week, Carrie sent me such a sweet parcel, just because. She included a skein of yarn for something for me, a couple of recommended reads and some other goodies. She also included a partial skein for me to knit something for Baby Ethan.
Here's what I chose to knit. The cutest booties ever - Christine's Baby Booties. These colours are so perfect for babies, so gentle, and the yarn is yummy soft.
A close up of the toe part, made using short rows. I get them now!!!

I just read Bezzie's latest post. I can't comment on her blog, so I'm going to post this message of support here. I am so sorry to hear about your latest trial. My heart hurts for you and your family. Please keep up your own amazing work with your KAYE. I will sponsor a month of yarn (your choice) and postage - I'd like to bet you get a flood of offers just like this one :-) You are a truly special individual and I love your blog not just for your knitting, but for your whole life in writing. You are in my prayers.


Auntie Pudentaine said...

Your little snapshots made me a bit whispy...My two boys are all grown up now, but they used to look like that all the time. I can't tell you how much I miss those moments! They still are very close but their cheeks are not nearly so cute :-)

(So sorry about your losses in the family)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

My heart hurts for Bezzie too!! Hugs to you Bezzie! We love you!

I hope we are firm friends Disco! You'll be living here for a few days..hehehehe!! Hope you and your family are doing a bit better. Those two boys sure do make me smile! How cute are they are the couch!!!

The booties turned out cute!! Super quick too!

Hugs to you this week Disco!

Bezzie said...

I keep telling myself at least I'm still here for my Chunky. Poor Momma Monkey. That's my worst nightmare.

Hug those cuties tight!!

(And such sweet little booties!)