Thursday, February 7, 2008


She's been 6 months in the making. She was supposed to be a Christmas gift (it was so difficult choosing a different gift for her!) But finally, here she is..... Grow-with-me by Laura Brown, from's Summer 07 issue.I've used Rowan's denim a few times before and really like it. The fabric turns out quite thick and fluffy - very comfortable. My only concern with this item is whether the bib will be wide enough. I'm thinking she can probably wear it straight away with a long-sleeve tee under it.
The smocking was a cinche, so to speak :-)

And the i-cord ties make it even cuter.

I made it in the darker denim - a bit more practical for a 2yo than the ecru ;-)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

I absolutely love it!! And it will be so perfect with Gracie's coloring!! I'm of course partial to blue for little girls too!!

Two weeks disco!! Squeeeeeee!!!

Bezzie said...

That's cute!

I dig those jumper-esque outfits for little girls that can double as tanks once they outgrow them as dresses.

Laura B said...

How cute! I love the colors. The dark blue is really lovely!