Saturday, August 2, 2008

I know what I like and I like what I know

I've been a little while without a new skein of Kureyon for the log cabin, and ruminating on what to knit next.

Look what I found in the stash. A bunch of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, in beautifully co-ordinating shades of green (to my eye, anyway). I only have one ball of the green in the centre of this square, so I see a bit (more) of ravelry yarn trawling in my future, to ensure I have a decent amount of each - I have 4 or 5 of each of the other colours. Bought last year at the PurlSoho sale, for less than $4 each.So another Log Cabin goes on the needles. You see, I know what I like.

It's also true, I like what I know.....

Here are a couple of other tried and true things I like, that have resurfaced in my life this week.
The step was a Mothers Day gift. Just got it out of the box a few days ago. I've done the starter workout three times in the past four days. I lost a bunch of weight in my early twenties, when Step Aerobics first hit the UK. Now I'm remembering how much I loved that workout.
And for his birthday, Teddy received the game, Mousetrap. How much fun have we been having with the 3 and 5 year olds building the 'contraption'? SO much :0)
Happy weekend :0)


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Oh, and with more green yarn coming your way on Monday (its packed up to be mailed!), you'll be having another log cabin on the needles soon enough.

Can you believe I have no Noro in my stash? Or else it would be winging its ways to you too.

Love MouseTrap! Even more love the Step Aerobics!! Wow, takes me back to the 90's and college...yay for getting back into the workouts!! We can do it!!

Bezzie said...

Ha ha! Chunky has that same game and loves it even at 6!

Nice log cabin too!

hearthead said...

I love those Log Cabins too!

tapmouse said...

I remember how much I loved my step class, too, only my knees hate me for it now! Funny cuz the 'I know what I like' and "I like what I know..."--here's a variation my friend and I were discussing the other day in regards to our quest for the perfect "Brain Age": "I like what I'm good at!" and "I hate what I suck at!"

Good for you on getting back into your workouts. I long-ago donated my step to the local Y where I had once been active/working at. Now I am happy if I make it over to 24 Hour Fitness a couple times a week!