Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just call me the bag lady :0)

Another Christmas gift to cross off the list.

The Fulled Lopi Tote. Known at Chez Disco as the Fulled WOTA Tote.
Colours used, all from stash I might add, Fern (main colour), Avocado, Asparagus & Evergreen (for stripes). Yarn was held doubled throughout.
Having learned my felting lesson with the Celtic Tote, I put this right in a hot wash, again with some towels (boy, we really go through those towels in this house!).

Before felting, the bag was 17" deep. After, it was 13" deep. Just right for 'toting' your stuff around. I see a teacher carrying this one.
I love this pattern - it's so simple. And once again, I love the felting. It's like a small miracle :0)

I have enough of this yarn leftover to make another felted bag. Or maybe even a couple of these.


Jo said...

Very nice - I like all those greens together. I have a bunch of WOTA in my stash - maybe I should work something up like that for W's teachers.

Bezzie said...

Beautiful!!! I find a hot dryer helps felt too--but only if you don't want to shape much.

Asparagus and Evergreen--like spring and winter!

Zonda said...

hehe that's usually my name at work from carrying lots of stuff ;) Great way to use up leftovers indeed! Nice!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Go Disco!! Two gifts down already! And both are adorable. Love the greens in this one!!

At least you are a very chic bag lady!