Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Surprise Jacket

Matthew's teacher is having a baby girl over the summer holidays. So I whipped up this beauty, just in time for the last day of school.This might be my fourth, or fifth Baby Surprise Jacket. It's such a perfect pattern, when you finally make sense of the minimal instructions. The first time I knit it, I made myself a spreadsheet, which I now read along with the pattern instructions, marking off each row as I go. It has been invaluable and I Must. Not. Lose It!!!
The yarn is Vanna White's. It was Very Squeaky. Could have been because I made this to a tight gauge, wanting it to fit her for the fall/early winter. I think the sizing worked out well, so, mission accomplished.
Gratuitous garter stitch close-ups. I'm no Jared Flood, I know ;0)
The stripes are made by alternating, every other row. Simple as that. It did make for a few extra ends to weave in, but I think the effect is worth it. They will definitely be knit again.

Disco :0)

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Kaye said...

I really like the pink and brown! Reminds me of neopolitan ice cream (minus the vanilla). Lucky little baby!