Friday, June 17, 2011

Lego Birthday Party

It was Matthew's 6th birthday a few weeks ago (the time, it flies!). Here he is with his new bike - it has gears and everything!!! Don't you love how he combs his hair to make himself look smart? :0) And no, he wasn't allowed to ride it round the house.He wanted a Lego birthday party, so that's what we planned. Good for us, as Teddy had a Lego birthday party last year, so we already had ideas.

There was much Lego building involved - building the tallest tower, race cars and other crazy vehicles.We set up a race track, going from one room to another and raced the cars they'd made - furthest and fastest won.The cake was delivered by our very own Lego visitor (last year's halloween costume)
At the end of the party, each guest got a certificate of Lego achievement - race winner, most creative, tallest tower, tiniest car, etc. And of course, a Lego goody bag. The boys and I made the glass magnets, and I whipped up the 'friendship bracelets'.
If you want to make your own Lego man costume, we were inspired by these guys, but this tutorial is very close to how we made ours.


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IrishGirlieKnits said...

Are you not the coolest mom on the block! Iyanna would have loved that party! Connor too! Happy belated to the birthday boy!