Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sock Camp Creations

No, I haven't been to Sock Camp - I wish! But I am blessed to know Carrie of Irishgirlieknits Designs, who attends every year. Since attending her first camp, she has made herself a wonderful and thriving design career - I don't think that's any coincidence.

One of her latest releases is a design for Kollage yarns - Seamus. I test knit one, and loved it so much, I couldn't resist making one for myself.The yarn is Kollage's Fantastic, which has a beautiful velvety feel whilst being knit and the pattern makes it into a squishy and warm fabric.
Carrie seems to have a knack at designing simple to knit and very wearable creations. Congratulations on another winning pattern Carrie.

Carrie's fellow Sock Camper, or should I say Sockateer? is Debbi Stone of Blue Moon Fiber Arts. She has also been designing some super patterns of late. Remember my Patricia jag earlier this year? Her latest is a cowl - yes, they're all the rage. I hope they still are by Christmas! Named Virginia, it calls for a bulky yarn. I don't have much of that in the stash, but I found this grey Mirasol Ushya and cast on. I think it will make a manly cowl, with the addition of a couple of chunky black toggles.The yarn has an interesting construction - it looks like a 3 stitch i-cord. However it's made, it's knitting up nicely - I don't think this'll take me long to finish at all.

Another sock camper is Marcy Vandale. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Marcy yet, but Carrie and Debbi talk about her all the time when we're at Stitches West together. She is also spreading her designing wings this year and I am trawling my stash desperately, to find one skein to make the large version of her Marrowstone Shawl. I love how this is a 'skinny' shawl, which can easily be scrunched up into a scarf for the neck. I'm also interested to try out the short row construction.

However you look at it, the "Sock Camp" seems to be a hotbed of creative talent. Any other campers' designs I should be looking at?

Disco xo


knittinggolfer said...

Aw, Disco! Thanks for the love!
These women inspire me!

Nartian knits said...

I believe that yarn construction is called cabled.

As for other Sock Camper Designers, check out Linda Welch's sock designs. I think she's only done sock designs, but like her lots.