Monday, June 20, 2011

Media Monday

So, a couple of weeks ago, Bezzie followed up my book recommendation with one of her own: anything by Pat Barker.

I took myself to the library and picked up "Another World". It was the only one of Ms Barker's books in the library that didn't seem to be part of a series - our library is not that well stocked, honestly, the knitting book section is pitiful.

Anyhow, apart from being an engaging story of family disfunctionality - and who doesn't enjoy a story they can relate to, ahem - the story was set in familiar territory. Turns out the author is from the NorthEast of England, where I grew up and this book was set there too. She even writes with the dialect and accent in her dialogue.

I will be trying this author again, and thanks to Bezzie for her tip :0) I hope y'all will pick up the mantle and post more book reviews and recommendations on your blogs too - it can't be all knitting all the time can it?

Speaking of dialogue, we rented "The King's Speech" this weekend. I know, we must be the last in the world! It was fascinating and I learned a few things too.

This Friday we'll be first in line to see Cars The Movie II. You can't beat a bit of Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater. Enjoy the trailer.....

For Father's Day yesterday, I gave Tommy the 1st season of Modern Family. We only started watching this 2nd season, so we had missed out on the 1st one. LOVE this show, it makes me literally, LOL.

What are y'all watching and reading right now?


Kaye said...

Hee hee! Small world!
I'm glad you liked it. ;-) Such a shame about the limited supply at your library. Do they do ILL?

Jocelyn said...

My son won tickets to the Cars 2 premier and we saw it last Tuesday. Enjoy!