Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beaded Denim

This lovely tunic is made from Rowan Denim, pattern out of their 'Denim People' book. The book shows it made in the cream colour with brass coloured beads. But this is more my colour. I've gotten to wear it a few times - a couple of times in winter right here and another time in spring in the UK.
I love the pattern and how my knitting turned out - this is one of the favourite things that I've knit.
And the colour really does fade with washing, just like an old pair of jeans!
I also made some Mason Dixon baby bibs with this yarn - they were cute as heck and I heard recently that mommy recipient loves them - they're the only bibs that 'stuff' doesn't leak through. Go MD and Rowan!
So we live only a mile or two, as the crow flies, from the beach. But we have to drive for 30+mins to get there. Our boys are not really beach lovers - the sand and the water bother them! So we don't go too often. We tried again today, approx. 6 months since our last trip - the sand and water still bother them. Although they were happy to sit on the pristine towels and play with the sand and their dump trucks. A small improvement, so we'll try again sooner next time.
Tonight we're going to watch Walk The Line and I'm going to start a Mason Dixon baby kimono.

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