Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dishcloths in the House.....

Here are some Mason-Dixon/Ballband dishcloths I made from peaches and cream and sugar and cream cottons. I liked the peaches and cream better - it turns out a bit softer.
The coloured dishcloth will be winging its way 'up north' tomorrow to my SIL in North Carolina - my MIL is going to visit her.
In other news...... it was nice to see so many British winners at the Golden Globes last night. I especially like Sacha Baron-Cohen, he was hilarious as Ali G and lived up to that with his Borat character. And Helen Mirren is such a great actress - I love her as Jane Tenyson in Prime Suspect - hopefully they'll show that in the U.S. sometime in the future.
And of course, my very favourite Dr House, Hugh Laurie. I remember seeing this when I first moved to the U.S. in October '04 and thinking 'that guy looks JUST like Hugh Laurie, but it can't be.....the accent is so good'. Who knew? Not me, obviously.

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