Saturday, January 27, 2007

iPod Pouch

I have an ipod which I very rarely use. A couple of weeks ago I put it in my handbag thinking maybe if it travelled with me, it'd get more use. Of course, it didn't. It just got grubby and the earphone wires got caught up in everything else in my bag.
I'm still running with the thought that if it travels it might get used, but I really wanted a pouch to put it in, to keep it all together and tidy - so I knit one. And here it is. The kitchen table shots are growing old, so I thought I'd spice things up with a poolside shot. The water looks inviting doesn't it? In fact, it's a bit chilly here right now.
This pouch is made with Peaches & Cream cotton. I'm making another one with Rowan Denim and some beads, left over from the tunic featured earlier. It's in the washing machine right now, so I'll post a pic of that another day, along with the pattern, which I made up in my head, and wrote down on some scraps of paper.


Batty said...

Poolside! It's below freezing here, so seeing poolside shots makes me very happy!

It's a great iPod pouch. I don't even have an iPod, but I found that my portable CD player has gotten a lot more use since I started walking all over the place and working out. Both of these activities are dead boring without some music to go with them!

Libby said...

awesome pouch, I need one of these too, will keep looking for your pattern. Cheers.