Friday, January 19, 2007


.....for me that is. I went to my MOMS Club moms night out last night at my lovely friend Julia's house. We had cheese and chocolate to dip in - my favourite was cheesecake to dip in the chocolate, although the brocolli and cheese was a close second ;-) And champagne too!
Anyway, Julia has a MASSIVE stash of yarn, inherited from her aunt - I mean HUGE bags and HUGE boxes of the stuff. She gave me this bounty from said stash....
There are 9 skeins of worsted wool in oat, jute, bisque and straw colours, 6 balls of cream Norwegian wool, 16 skeins of crinkly cotton from Scott's Woolen Mill and 2 skeins of a linen blend from same mill, 3 skeins of a silky cream acrylic and 2 huge skeins which were unlabelled, but look very silky with little yellow and brown flecks of wool.
And that was only the tip of the stash iceberg!!! What a treasure Julia is.
It makes you wonder what stash will be left behind when you finally drop off this mortal coil....
MOMS Club has been a wonderful organisation for me, helping the boys and I find other moms and children to make friends with in our area. Web address to find a chapter close to you and other info is:

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Jessica said...

Yay. You got a big haul there! How exciting. Have fun playing with your new stash!!