Monday, January 7, 2013

A Productive Road-Trip

Yesterday, we drove the million miles back to Michigan from South Carolina.  I say a million, it's more like 900 and no direct roads.  Gotta go West to go North.  We spotted this awesome truck leaving a Kentucky gas station.  Fortunately it was traveling the same direction as us so we were able to catch up (at a safe speed, promise!) and take a snap of it.  Fun!
 My boys must be the best travelers ever.  Give them a Nintendo and a Nap and they're good for at least 12 hours.  Throw in a couple of McDonalds/Subway/Starbucks pitstops and they're good for 13 :0)  They are funny - see how they nap in the same positions.  Bless!

And here's how productive I was.  Edged 12 granny squares and knit a full 5 hexipuffs.
Michele's blanket is coming along nicely - 74 of 150-ish squares complete.  I'll call that half-way and be pleased :0)  Take a look at her Etsy shop - she is a whizz with a needle and thread, so creative and a colour maestro: makehandmadegoods

Happy Monday y'all.
Disco xoxo

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IrishGirlieKnits said...

552Happy New Year!! Those boys are too cute :) Thank goodness they are good on car rides :)