Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music for running

Child: "Mommy, when I push my finger like this it hurts".  
Mom: "Then don't push your finger like that".

Last night, my foot hurt a lot when I stood on it, just so.  It worried me, as I was due to run this morning.  Well, I guess it rested up enough, as it didn't hurt when I woke up and started moving around the house today.

Yesterday, I had a big disagreement, and disappointment, when the boys told me they didn't want to play on the school's Chess Team anymore.  They prefer to spend that time swinging on the monkey bars.  I'm disappointed that they're wasting this opportunity - when I was at school we had ZERO extra-curricular activities.  I would have died to have a nerdy team to join.

So I went for my run this morning, with both of these issues on my mind.  And it was awful.  I had to keep stopping to walk.  I know for sure that I can run the distance - I've been on this course for over 4 months now.  Time and again, I am reminded that it is 'mind over matter' with running.  This morning, my mind was definitely affecting my matter.

Here's the song that makes me run the hardest.  I should just put it on repeat for an hour.
Disco xo

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Kaye said...

Aww...I'm sorry about your foot and the boys. But they'll appreciate it more in the long run that you let them do their own thing.
Hope your foot feels better soon!