Friday, January 11, 2013

Snowy Goodness

I'm really enjoying the ladies' from Mason Dixon lightning blogging this week.  Great idea - 15 minutes per post.  I have 10 minutes before I have to leave to get the boys from school, so here goes....

We arrived back in Michigan last weekend to lovely snow on the ground.  This is the most snow I've seen in for. ever.  The boys had so much fun after school on Monday, sledding down the hill.  We are so blessed to have the school grounds permanently open to play in. 

 I ran round the lake and tagged a bit extra on to my usual run on Tuesday.  Gradually building my mileage up.  The snow and ice certainly add an extra dimension to keeping the muscles in control while stepping.  The scenery was so pretty that I went for a walk on Wednesday and took these pics.
This is a mini lake by the lake.  The ice is melting right in the middle of it.

Marshland on the other side of the road round the lake.  Pretty melting ice.
Summer, a distant memory.......
....on the frozen lake......

.....starting to melt.

Finishing with my cuties.  Brothers in arms :0)  It may be snowy but it's not 'that' cold.  I'm told!
Happy Friday knitsters.
Disco xoxo

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KnitNurd said...

Wonderful pictures, Debs! Your boys are so cute!!!