Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

I just came across this very inspiring, knitting related indiegogo campaign in the Ravelry forums.  madmanknits.  Do go check out the story of a homeless man knitting his way out of poverty.  Gregory's surpassed his campaign goal, but I'm sure some extra $s wouldn't go amiss :0)

Here are Gregory's patterns on Ravelry.  The bears are beautifully shaped and have such character.  His blog is here.

I cannot wait to read his book.


We've been looking forward to our snowy winter.  And it looks like it's arriving today.  Freezing temperatures and snow are in the forecast.  We already had a few tiny flakes.  Unfortunately for us, our power went out last night and the repair schedule shows, it likely won't be fixed until late tomorrow night.

We've set out all our necessaries for tonight and tomorrow morning and hot-footed it over to DH's factory to hang out for a bit - charging our phones, computers, Nintendos and Nooks is a necessity.  Our afternoon is looking like the library and then the movies.  Thank goodness for public services, eh!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend.
Disco xo

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