Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy Day Chili

It's a super-busy day for me here, and I'm looking forward to 6 o'clock when I can drive down to Charlotte for a solo dinner and knit night.

I had to rustle up a veggie chili this morning - we have a teacher appreciation luncheon each month where parents supply the food. This is my version:
The dish consists of the following ingredients:
FRESH: onion, mushrooms, carrots, garlic;
FROZEN: pepper strips, peas;
CANNED: chopped tomatoes (2 large cans), red kidney beans, pinto beans, corn.
And of course chili powder and a little olive oil. I swear I could eat this dish for lunch and dinner every day for a week.

What extra things do you put in your veggie chili that I'm missing out on?

Disco xo

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Jo said...

My chili tends to be heavy on ground beef. In fact, I will frequently make chili from leftover spaghetti bolognese sauce. Just add in the beans, chili powder, maybe some cayenne. I'm the only one in my house who likes chili, so I make it aby way I want.