Thursday, November 17, 2011

WIP - Mission Falls Blanket

Thanks for all your input on the Entrelac pillow yesterday. I think the consensus is a plain stockinette back. That would be my preference too - a bit of easy, mindless knitting and not too much of a yarn investment required. Decision made - phew! :0)
The next UFO, has also been waiting on a decision. I started this blanket (more than) a couple of years ago. It's a log cabin construction, made with Mission Falls cotton. The pic I have up on the Ravelry project page has a couple of positive comments/likes, so I guess it has something about it. And I do still like the colours.
The decision I have to make is whether to invest in more yarn to make it a viable project. The yarn is discontinued, but there is a good amount for sale/trade on Ravelry. I would have to buy 2 or 3 balls of the pale green to balance out the squares themselves, plus a good amount of a contrasting colour (dark gray?) to edge all the squares.
So, wise ones, should I invest in the extra yarn and finish the project? Or frog the whole thing and put the yarn up for sale on Rav?


IrishGirlieKnits said...

hmmmm...I'm torn. You have knit some awesome blankets! I do love the color pairings. How far along would you say you are? More than 50%, part of me says to keep at it. Less than that, if you don't love love love it or if it would be more than $25-30 in yarn investment, it wouldn't be a horrible idea to try to destash.

If you go the destash route, don't frog it yet. I'm curious is you offered it with the yarn AND the finished squares if someone would be interested in that?

Just my two cents. I do love the colors :)

Oh, more idea...what about a baby blanket? Any wee ones needing a gift?

Zonda said...

I agree with Carrie ;) She made some good points! So's up to you ;)