Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fitness 2011

I posted in September about the (super-sprint) triathlon I'd completed. Well, I've also been working on other fitness issues this year.

I joined my boys at TaeKwonDo class and have been loving it. On Friday night, all three of us tested for our 'green' belt, that's the 4th belt. Here's a wee video of me breaking the wood at the end of the test with a "sliding side kick".

Full disclosure: I did edit out the first 3 kicks which saw me breaking more of the instructor's fingers than the wood. I tried to upload a video of the boys' kicks, but their video file wouldn't play, sorry. They are infinitely more amusing :0) I may try facebooking that video later.

No rest for the wicked, this morning I was up an at 'em, running a 5k in one of our more hilly neighbourhoods. Boy, was that a difficult course. Those golf cart paths almost killed me. I had to walk a bit, but still made a great (for me) time of 35m 20s and came in 79th out of 105.
When I posted about the triathlon, Bezzie had asked where I found the time to train. Well, I am a SAHM, so that's a good bit of the day to train in. During the school year.

I actually started training though, during the summer when the boys were out of school. I would get up super early (a benefit of my sometime insomnia) and go run then. The weather was cooler and the boys were either still asleep, or they are generally capable of amusing themselves now. Anyway, I'm not the only adult in the house capable of occupying the boys for 40 minutes.

Hope y'all have at least gone for a stroll on this beautiful Saturday.
disco xo


Kaye said...

Right on! Or perhaps "Supre!" as my verification word says...maybe that's French for "super?"

IrishGirlieKnits said...

You are a rock star!! So freakin' cool!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Great to lead the kids by example! Healthy lifestyles for all!

I am still active too. Getting up early 3 mornings a week (5 am) to walk and then getting doubles some days! It has become a way of life fortunately. Today is nice enough for a cool bike ride!

Yay us! Let's keep it going!

Zonda said...

Good for you! You are very encouraging for those of us who need to get going! :)

Jo said...

I'm impressed!