Friday, November 18, 2011

Harry Potter

Here's some Friday night fun for y'all.

Did you get your copy of the final Harry Potter movie yet? We got it release day and watched it right away - such an awesome movie. One of the things I LOVE about watching the Harry Potter films is seeing the British actors, some of them familiar faces from waaaaaaayyy long ago. I dug up video clips of some oldies, but goodies, for your enjoyment. OK, mainly my enjoyment, but you can join in too :0)

Mark Williams aka Arthur Weasley.
This is a clip from "The Fast Show" which was a HUGE comedy sketch show in the 90's. Added bonus: Johnny Depp. You're welcome ;0)

Dawn French aka The lady in the painting
Here's a classic sketch from Dawn French and her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders, who you may know from another very popular show.

And last but not least, Emma Thompson aka Sybill Trelawney.
The Young Ones was a classic from the 80's. Aaaaahhhh, the 80's, the best of times.
Added bonus: erm, everyone else in the clip ;0)

Do you recognise any of these shows?
Happy weekend
Disco xo

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Jo said...

I know French and Saunders (that played on Canadian tv), but not the others - thanks!