Thursday, November 10, 2011

I-Cord Friendship Bracelets

I wonder if the "Treasure Box" is a peculiarity to the South Carolina elementary school system, or is used country/world-wide. My boys' classrooms both have these reward systems, which I would call an excellent concept, were they not filled with plastic rhinoceros, sticky balls and party bag slinkies. All destined to go in the junk box half an hour after arriving home.

In an effort to reduce said plastic-tat consumption, I made a ton of i-cord friendship bracelets. Hopefully they have a better chance of actually being used, and will disintegrate into the landfill they'll ultimately occupy, a couple of hundred years before their plastic compadres.

To make, you will need:
  • kitchen cotton yarn - the funkier the colours the better
  • 2.25mm dpns, or size to suit your yarn - I found this size gave a nice tight fabric.
  • 2.25mm crochet hook, or size to suit your yarn
  • a button
  • a darning needle
  • a small person to model

  • Cast on 3 stitches.
    Make i-cord until it fits around your small person's wrist.
    Cast off til you have only 1 stitch left on your needle.

    From that 1 stitch, chain 8 stitches with crochet hook. Cut yarn & secure through last stitch.
    Secure the crochet chain to the main bracelet, to form a loop.

    Using the cast on tail, sew a button onto the cast on edge.
    Darn in tails. After securing with a couple of stitches, you can hide the ends inside the i-cord tube.
    Make more.
    Send to school.

    Here's a bunch I made. They were well received by both kids and teachers.
    Disco xo


    Kaye said...

    Nope. Treasure Boxes are nationwide. I had 'em in elementary school and Chunky has them too!

    Cute idea for stuffing the box!

    Zonda said...

    Don't remember LOL...17 & 21 yrs old now ;)

    What a cute idea though! Great use of leftovers

    Anna said...

    Oh, I should do that. I've actually been tempted to tell my five year old to stop behaving so well to alleviate some of the junk he's bringing home each Friday.

    Donna said...

    Well, there you go, the Treasure Box is international. We have the same thing, filled with the same plastic tat in Australia. I know what I'll be doing over our summer holidays. Thanks.

    Laura said...

    We have them here in Germany too! I love making little bracelets.

    Kim said...

    Oh, I am SO making a bunch of these! In pink, so my daughter will grab them! Fantastic idea.

    Nramsey said...

    How long of I-cord-girls are third and sixth graders-
    Small boned-it's a surprise. Nancy

    Anonymous said...

    a friend posted this on pinterest with the comment 8 cups of water, that is my plan! except with 12 cups! thanks for the pattern! :)

    Marilyn Clark said...

    Great icord project! :)

    Tammy Palmer said...

    My 8 yr old dauther uses a "french knittig bee", she makes ton of i-cord I cn use up some of our button stash too..thanks. These french knittig bee's are user friendly, so if any one out there is a newbie go to your local yarn or even walmart and pick up one for yourself@ 10$ each.

    Anonymous said...

    Where are you from in SC? I lived in Seneca. Great pattern; I will be making some.

    Denise Best said...

    I like this pattern and the photo instructions!