Friday, November 11, 2011

The winds of change

We have these trees throughout our neighbourhood and I take delight in them every day of fall. They have a deep colour that ranges from peach to scarlet, depending on the light. Sadly, they are mostly on the ground, after yesterday's rain. But change must happen, and look what comes next....This morning, I noticed these beauties, popped out just in time to replace the fall tree leaves. Can't you almost taste Christmas? :0)
In other news, I just bought this dress, in honour of Wovember. Boiled wool - and not an online exclusive, I got it in the mall. It is the coolest thing I've bought in forever, it fits great (all that running may be paying off after all) and I'm excited to wear it soon. Perhaps on our Thanksgiving trip to NYC - only 9 days til we leave :0)


Kaye said...

Are you guys going to do the parade? I so want to do that someday before we leave this area. But it's just so hard if you want to make a turkey too!!
Love that dress! I bought myself a maternity sweater dress. It's funny, if I wasn't pregnant, I don't think I could get away with wearing them!

Zonda said...

Beautiful trees!! Love that dress too! Have fun on your trip!

Jo said...

I love the red trees - I kind of wish they could stay that way all year around.